About Raphaël

Portrait rsmalsWelcome to my personal web site. It serves as the whiteboard on which I can occasionally chalk my thoughts on various subjects. It also serves as the launch pad of my business, ViCSIS.

A bit about myself: born in 1980, I grew up in the Dutch countryside, to which I own my fascination with nature. From my father, who ran a small IT firm from the mid 1980s to his retirement in the early 2000s, I inherited my other fascination: technology. In my father’s business, I learned in a hands-on fashion how technology, organizations (commercial and non-profit) and people interact. I grew up witnessing the full scope of operations of a company marketing new technology to a broad customer base – albeit on a small scale.

I explored the interactions of (information) technology and organizations at Tilburg University, where I obtained a Master’s degree in Information Management in 2006. During the research for my Master’s thesis, I got the opportunity to see complex technology at work on a much larger scale, at the nuclear power plant of Doel (Belgium).

After another hands-on project in a technology intensive company (ASML), I started my PhD research at the Radboud University. This resulted in a thesis on the cooperation between high-tech companies and their suppliers. I focused on the influence of technology on the organizational aspects of buyer-supplier relationships.

My passion and ambition is to develop myself on the interface between business and academia, and to keep exploring the interactions between technology, companies and society. I have been doing so in projects for NL Agency (researching the success and failure of collaborative projects and advising on knowledge management in the domain of Sustainable Energy Innovation) and at Océ Technologies (setting up and guiding a Key Supplier Management approach).

Since 2011, I have been organizing an annual event called InnoTeP, featuring presentations on innovation by key individuals from all three strands of the triple helix of academia, business and government.