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ViCSIS strives to bring conceptual clarity to complex problems.

ViCSIS is the moniker under which I offer my services as an adviser. The name ViCSIS reflects elements of my work: Visions and Concepts for Sourcing, Innovation and Strategy.

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Visions and Concepts refers to a theory-based and future-oriented approach. An essential step towards solving problems is structuring them: understanding what processes interact, what stakeholders and interests are involved and what the desired outcomes and possible scenarios are.

Sourcing, Innovation and Strategy are the domains in which ViCSIS applies this approach. Innovation refers to the development of new technology and the implementation in a real-world, economically and socially viable fashion. Central to the ViCSIS approach is to develop an understanding of the existing and new technologies at hand so that organizational processes can be brought in line with the limitations and opportunities that these technologies pose.

Sourcing refers to the question of where technology will be acquired from. This involves make/buy and develop/outsource decisions, the challenge of designing and optimizing supply chains and the management of relationships with between organizations (e.g. buyers and suppliers).

Strategy ties sourcing and innovation together, as the latter are the areas in which decisions must be made that are in line with your vision on the future and the place of your organization in today’s and tomorrow’s society.

ViCSIS intends to thoroughly understand the challenges your organization faces as an interplay of systems on multiple levels, ranging from the individual to entire society. ViCSIS will help you ask the relevant questions as well as finding the answers and developing the organization structure, business processes and tools to make your vision reality.

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